Eureka Rectangular Shape Cooling Tower

Eureka Rectangular Shape Cooling Tower

Eureka Rectangular Shape Cooling Tower

Rectangular Cooling Tower operates on the induced draft counter flow principle operation. The fan create air movement vertically the tower across the fills in opposition to the water flow.

Hot circulating water enters the water inlet headers and sprays through non clogging PP spray nozzles. Water distribution is even.

Well designed PVC Drift Eliminators are fitted to reduce Drift Losses.

Rectangular Fiber Glass Cooling Towers are provided with inspection door for easy access for inspection and cleaning.

FRP Basin in fitted with make up, Overflow & drain connections which is an optional features.

Material of Construction

Shell FRP using Penta Glycol Gelcoad and Isopthetic Resin
Structural M.S Hot clip Galvanized
Ladder M.S Hot clip Galvanized
Spray System Galvanized Iron / PP FRP
Water distribution Non Clogging PP Nozzles
Hardware HDG / SS -304
Fill PVC - honeycomb type made by Vaccum Forming Process
Basin FRP with NPG Gelcoat & Isopthetic Resin
Fill Support M.S Hot clip Galvanized
Fan Blades Dynamically Balanced and Cast Aluminium Alloy / ABS Engg. Plastic / FRP FAN
Fan Type of Drive Co-Axial Flow Direct Driven
Fan Motor Type TE-IP 55 With EN-8/9 Shaft